The 3 Best is a community of writers that produce reports with the aim of simplifying product selection for consumers. When researching an issue or product the consumer is often faced with the burden of information overload. There is an overabundance of review sites, expert opinions on all sorts of topics, numerous user forums with people’s experiences as well as the ads and websites promoting the products.

The value proposition for the 3 Best Reports is that we do the product selection research for you and then our reporters provide a report in an easy to read format that narrows down all choices to the 3 best candidates. Think of it as a report that a worker might prepare for a boss who needs to make a decision but does not have time to research, analyze and document a selection. Well we do that for you, our boss, the consumer.

Our reports are hallmarked by clear and easily defined criteria for each issue we report as well as succinct and to the point reasoning to support the product selections. It’s distinguished from the many product review sites in that we are an aggregator of all the viewpoints and information available for research on the internet that is then summarized in a convenient and readable form.  The format of the reports is easy to follow and begins by stating the issue facing the consumer, then presents the 3 best selections and finally gives the reasoning behind the each selection. The reports also provide some further background info on the issue being addressed as well as a description of the process that the 3B Reporter followed in researching and writing the report. Additionally, there’s a comparison chart that quickly summarizes how each product measures up against the criteria defined in the report as well as additional data that informed the selections.

Deciding which product to purchase is often a difficult process especially since the consumer is faced with many choices as well as a wealth of information that more often than not complicates the decision making process.  We hope our reports make it a little bit easier on you.