What are the 3 Best weight loss meal delivery plans for those with busy lifestyles?

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Jenny Craig
The 3 Best weight loss meal delivery plans are Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and Medifast.
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Losing weight and maintaining your ideal weight are rather complex issues, and finding the right product and/or solution is only part of the equation. Craving killers, metabolism boosters, exercise programs, nutrition and food management all can contribute to healthy weight loss and maintenance. This report focuses on the latter issues of nutrition and food management, and in particular, the best solutions tailored to individuals that live hectic, fast-paced lifestyles. Delivered weight loss meal plans can make weight loss easier for those who don't have a lot of time in the week or for those who have had difficulty staying with prior weight loss programs.

Finding the right weight loss approach is as much about discovering the right fit for your body and lifestyle needs, as it is about any product or program itself. A product might have benefits for losing weight, but unless utilized in conjunction with a proper exercise regiment and other changes in behavior, it might not be so effective. This report is tailored for individuals that lead very hectic lifestyles or for those who have had difficulty staying with a weight loss program in order to achieve sustained results. The primary objectives for solutions under consideration:
  1. Easy to use without time consuming fuss
  2. Meals that taste great
  3. Variety of dishes/cuisines
  4. Cost effective/Affordable
I first Googled programs for weight loss that focused on prepared meals. Then, I looked up reviews on medical sites such as MayoClinic.com to understand why some programs do better than others from a medical stand point. I surveyed consumer review and reporting sites to understand what they recommend (for example, Epicurious.com). I then visited discussion boards like 3fatchicks.com to gain an understanding of how consumers have reacted to the programs or products. Finally, I reviewed the data on the product sites to understand what the suppliers are touting, and how they price and promote their solutions.
 NutriSystemJenny CraigMediFast
CredibilityYes (full meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert)Yes (full meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert)Yes (liquid-oriented foods such as shakes, oatmeals, soups, cappucinos, soft serve ice cream)
UsabilityMicrowaveable meals easily portable, to-go snacksMicrowaveable meals easily portable, to-go snacksLiquid-oriented foods need to be prepared with water, some portable, to-go snacks
Does Product Get Results?Tasty meals allow for gradual weight lossTasty meals allow for gradual weight lossLow-carb high protein liquid diet plan - best for rapid weight loss
community rating: 3.3 (3 ratings)
In deciding what are the 3 Best diet meal delivery plans, I used these key considerations to focus my research:
  1. Trustworthiness – Does the plan spread small meals out evenly during the day, to effectively change body metabolism and promote fat burn?
  2. Usability – How convenient is the delivery service? What is the food quality like – good flavor, portion size, variety, similarity to real food? How is the customer service? What about extras such as tools to track progress and exercise components?
  3. Pricing – Does the meal plan deliver at an affordable price?
  4. Performance - Does the Product Get the Desired Results?
While there were some other tangible factors in the selection process, and included in the discussion below, these four attributes illustrate the most important factors in the decision making process.

Jenny Craig

The Jenny Craig meal plan takes first place of the 3 Best for its good price, taste and extensive support system. The price of this plan is less than the average diet meal plan, ranging from $11-19/day. The plan has an effective metabolism-changing system, providing three meals and two small snacks during the day. By eating small meals throughout the day you're less likely to feel hungry and your body will burn fat given the low but consistent food consumption. The Jenny Craig plan includes three meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), two snacks throughout the day, and a dessert – and the meals, unlike the other meal plans, are actually filling food items (as opposed to oatmeals, shakes and soups). Plus, the microwaveable meals are easily portable, and require no cooking/mixing with water. Perhaps the most unique feature about this meal plan is the direct company support in the form of weekly phone calls with the Jenny Craig support team to assist dieters with personalized exercise suggestions and emotional encouragement.


I chose the Nutrisystem meal plan as the second best of the three. Despite mixed reviews about the taste, the incredibly affordable price and support options make this plan an attractive option. The price of the plan is $10/day, and like Jenny Craig there are three solid meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), snacks and a dessert. Also like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem meals are microwaveable and easily transported – perfect if you need to take your meals to work or on-the-go. The Nutrisystem plan shines for its many different direct support options. In addition to phone counseling, there is also online chat counseling, newsletter, chat rooms, and a weekly online progress tracker, all designed to help keep dieters committed to losing weight and keeping it off. Because of mixed reviews about the Nutrisystem meals' taste (some noted the artificial taste of the food while others praised the Nutrisystem taste), I couldn't place this plan first, but it is still a very affordable and comprehensive option for committed dieters.


For the third best plan I chose MediFast, another excellent option for successfully losing weight despite a busy lifestyle.  Though perhaps the best of the three plans for quickly and successfully losing weight, and at a very affordable price similar to Nutrisystem, the lack of substance in the MediFast meals might deter some from using this plan. The price of the plan averages at about $11/day, and includes 5 small meals to be consumed per day. This plan, unlike Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, is specifically low-carb-focused, and all of the foods are protein-heavy, and often liquid-oriented: shakes, oatmeals, soups, cappucinos, soft serve ice cream. The MediFast low-carb, high protein plan helps you lose weight much faster than the other two plans, but it's easy to tire of eating liquid-oriented foods all the time. Also, these foods need to be mixed with water often – so not as easily prepared as the other plans listed.While MediFast doesn't offer extensive company support (no live person counseling) there is a community site where you can track your weight loss progress and chat with other dieters and weight loss experts. 

To recap, I chose Jenny Craig as first of the 3 Best for its excellent taste, affordable price and extensive support system. The Nutrisystem plan took second place for an incredibly affordable price and even more comprehensive support system than Jenny Craig, though mixed reviews of its taste on user forums kept it from taking the number one position. Finally, the MediFast system took third place for having an excellent price and providing proven, effective weight loss, though its food items are primarily liquid-oriented and may not be as satisfying or portable as the Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem plans.