What are the 3 Best travel training potties?

by Staci Smith - Read report

The Potette Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty & Trainer
Cool Gear Folding Travel Potty
Fisher Price Potty on the Go
The 3 Best potty training chairs for parents on the go are the Potette Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty & Trainer, the Cool Gear Folding Travel Potty, and the Fisher Price Potty to Go.
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There are many different methods and tools for potty training. The most common products available are potty seats, potty chairs, potty benches, and multi-function potties. However, if you travel a lot with your child you need to find a potty chair that you can use on the road without a toilet so you don’t miss any opportunities to potty train.
I used the following links to get general background on what types of products where available for potty training: Pottytrainingconcepts.com; Pottytrainingsolutions.com; Circleofmoms.com; family.go.com.

For expert and user reviews I used the following links: thingamababy.com; potty-scotty.blogspot.com; thelollipoproad.com; parenting-success.com; babyproducts.about.com; gear.vagabondjourney.com; diapers.com, Buzzillions.com; Google Shopping reviews; and Amazon reviews
 The Potette Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty & TrainerCool Gear Folding Travel PottyFisher Price Potty on the Go
CredibilityHighly compact and portable. Folds neatly into a easily carried briefcase. Folds to a size that could be easily stowed in a car. Larger than the other two options and not as easily portable, but considered the sturdiest of the three.
UsabilityCan be used with or without a toilet. Users can also purchase disposable inserts and branded bags, however it can be used without inserts and regular plastic bags.Stands alone on foldable legs. Cannot be used with an toilet. No splash guard. Can be used with various types of bags.Stands alone on foldable legs. Cannot be used with a toilet. Users can purchase Fisher Price bags, but can be used with regular plastic bags.
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community rating: 3 (1 ratings)
In deciding the 3 Best I used the following key considerations:

1) Credibility - Is the product portable/can it be used outside of the home?
2) Ease of Use/Method of Use – Does chair fold away for easy transportation? Can the chair be used whether there is a toilet available or not?

Relative pricing was also taken into account when ranking the 3 Best.

Potette Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty & Trainer Seat by Kalencom

The Potette Plus 2-in-1 is a portable potty and trainer seat all in one. You can use with or without a toilet while traveling. It's a clean potty and trainer seat for your child no matter where you go. It’s the smallest product of my top 3 choices at less than 1 lbs which makes it easy to fold into a diaper bag and carry around with you on excursions where you need to walk around for a length of time. The most outstanding features of this product are 1.) The fact that it doubles as both a potty training seat that can be used with toilets and as a potty chair that can be used anywhere and 2.) Its small size makes it highly portable for parents on the go. Though you can purchase special branded bags to work with it, the chair works with regular shopping bags and other bags as well. While its small size is a big attribute, it is also a drawback with several reviewers saying that the opening is a bit small and it is a bit less sturdy than some of the bulkier models. 

Cool Gear Folding Travel Potty

The Cool Gear Folding Travel Potty is a portable potty chair that can be used without a toilet making it great for long car trips or camping. The product easily folds into a briefcase with a handle which also makes it easy to carry. It uses standard gallon size Ziploc storage bags and users have found that it works with other types of plastic bags as well. The two large storage compartments provide room for supplies, and it comes with 4 zip lock disposable gallon bags. The main drawback to this product based on user reviews is the fact that it doesn’t have a splash guard which is particularly difficult for parents with boys. 

Fisher Price Potty on the Go

Fisher Price Potty on the Go is portable potty training chair that has received high marks for its sturdy tripod base and easy set up. While its bulkier construction has been listed as a drawback because it prevents the product from being as portable as some of the others, a number of reviewers have noted that they value its bulkier design because it is very stable. So while you may not be able to carry it around during activities that require a lot of walking, it is perfect for car trips and hotel stays. It comes with a discreet carrying case and can be used with many different types of plastic bags. 

To recap, the Potett Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty & Trainer is my top choice because it doubles as both a training chair and seat while still having the lowest price amongst the three. The Cool Gear chair is second because reviewers found it to be highly portable and it conveniently folds into an easy to carry briefcase. However, its lack of splash guard and inability to double as a seat make it come in second place. The Fisher Price Potty to Go is third pick because it is portable, has sturdy legs and folds into a discreet carrying case, however, it is too large to be carried around for walking excursions and has a much higher price than the other three.